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Annual employee frustration: towards continuity in performance management

We all know the feeling when it’s time for your annual performance review. Your boss starts by telling you how you have performed throughout the year and ranks you on several performance indicators. By comparing these with a form from last year, he or she states you have progressed or gone backwards in your performance. This type of performance review is based on a snapshot of your work. It’s often not a true representation of how you perform on a daily basis. While you are being ranked on a five-, seven- or 10-point scale on how much of a team player you have been over the last year, you might think to yourself, “on what grounds am I being graded exactly?” Before you know it, your annual performance hour is finished, and you’ll be left with an updated review form with some tips and feedback for the upcoming year.

To a more continuous feedback loop
This traditional annual performance review process brings out a lot of frustrations for both employees and managers. Not only are reviews based on a recollection of performances, but there are often fellow colleagues who really know how an employee performed during a year. So, why not consider changing your annual performance management system to a more continuous and representable feedback loop? Why give your employees feedback only once a year, when you can have continuous conversations? In addition, why would a manager be the only one providing feedback, when colleagues work with the employee on a daily basis?

Zummit, the social solution
Zummit, cloud-based social performance management software, provides the social solution for these annual performance review frustrations and helps you to manage, develop and connect employees. The tools in Zummit allow you to view employees’ progression throughout the year and allocate work defaults immediately. In this way, you are able to continuously review employees’ performance and provide on-the-job feedback where needed. The social part in Zummit lies in the fact that colleagues are able to like colleagues’ goals and post comments. By giving feedback or recognition, employees can help each other attain their goals and at the same time provide input for performance reviews.

With Zummit, reviews are based on actual data, making it easier and more reliable to evaluate employees. Interested in trying out Zummit? Sign up for your 30-day free trial today, and experience the benefits of Zummit for your business.

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