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The power of compliments; being social drives motivation

Why is it that sometimes at work, you feel like staying an extra hour to process some more e-mails, while at other times, you may take off early or only finish the bare minimum? When it comes to motivating your workforce, offering compliments and recognition for achieving a goal can be extremely powerful. Feeling valued actually seems to be a key indicator of job performance and it’s no secret that being valued often makes people feel good. However, as there is a great deal of research that suggests that praising employees at work boost company performance, it also shows that the complimenting-culture in organizations is actually not that common. Why? It appears that a lot of employers fail to create an environment where employees feel at liberty to engage with each other’s work activities.

Create an environment that stimulates engagement
Employees who receive compliments on a regular basis seem to be more productive and engaged than those who do not. As in our personal lives, a compliment leads to us experiencing feelings of pride, pleasure and increased self-esteem. As these positive effects are relatively short-term, it’s important to keep the flow of compliments active so to speak. Therefore, creating an environment where compliments are valued and feedback is appreciated, will lead to better teamwork and helps your workforce to deliver a maximum contribution to your net results.

Zummit; the social solution
By implementing Zummit, you will create the above-mentioned environment that is so important for your workforce. Zummit allows employees to stay on track with each other’s work. Colleagues can express their engagement by following other peoples work activities and work goals. When a colleague achieves his or her goals, people have the opportunity to click on the like button or to place a comment. This instant recognizing of each other’s great work will boost energy in the workplace and enhances employee engagement through a private network.

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