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The value of your corporate culture

At your previous job, you started 15 minutes early each day to check your mailbox. You did not really know anyone besides the people sitting next to you and during afternoon breaks it was common for employees to eat behind their desks. At the company that you currently work for, things are done differently. Your manager is happy to discuss your workload with you and plans in a monthly meeting to talk about the team’s progress in achieving their goals. Also, colleagues from other departments often invite you to come over to the cafeteria to have lunch all together. These might seem like small details of your working life, but they actually define the corporate culture of a company. Why is this important? A positive culture where employees feel at ease and free to take initiative is critical for business success. Contrary, a weak or negative corporate culture can have adverse effects on your business and your employees.

Live by your corporate culture
In a previous blog we have already talked about how to define the core values of your corporate culture. As people use corporate culture to reflect their standards for behavior and decisions, it has a big influence on the way you do business. However, corporate values will only have an impact on corporate culture when you and your workforce are ready to live by them. This means that it’s important to communicate them clearly and to publicly recognize individuals, teams or units that exemplify who you are as a company and what you aspire to be.

Use Zummit to boost employee morale
Zummit allows you and your workforce to stay on track with each other’s daily activities and work goals. Also, colleagues can show their recognition by liking and commenting on achievements. This will not only boost employee engagement, but also have a positive impact on corporate culture. Eventually, Zummit will create a vicious circle, as employees are not only motivated to achieve their goals and receive positive feedback from their boss, but also from their co-workers.

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