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Why your current employee reward process is not working

Why do you go to work each morning? Why do you continue to work hard, even after your lunch break whilst the rest of the office is taking their after dinner nap? The answer is because you are motivated! You are motivated to sit behind your desk at 08:30 A.M., finish your tasks and learn new skills at the job. Without your motivation, you would not be doing all these things. However, to stay motivated and eager to learn new things, you need to get some sort of recognition every now and then. This is where the traditional rewarding system often falls short. Employees lose their motivation and will eventually leave your workforce because your reward process is probably outdated and does not reward newly attained skills or job relevant knowledge.

Acknowledge the importance of knowledge
As most organizations still base their employee reward system on tangible output delivery, the concept of job-applied knowledge is often left out. A practical reason for this is the fact that knowledge is intangible and therefore difficult to measure. However, for most 21-century companies producing, preserving, and protecting knowledge is their core business and this is exactly why organizational reward systems need to support both the application of knowledge as well as employees capability to gather knowledge and resources when needed.

Reward through Zummit
Zummit as performance management software actually recognizes the importance of feedback and recognition. One of the main benefits of Zummit is the ability to continuously strengthen and leverage the relationship with your workforce by enabling them to share their ideas and input. This creates a free and easy access to company knowledge and resources. Also, by actively engaging your employees into the process of goal setting and activity planning, they will feel recognized and motivated to develop new skills.

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