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Your business’ DNA: How to define and communicate your core values

Core values are one of the most important things that help stakeholders understand what is unique about your company. In a previous blog we gave you a brief introduction about the difference between core values, ambition statements, and your company focus. In this blog, we go a little further and talk about the importance of defining and communicating your core values as part of your company’s DNA. As with our own personal values like being an honest person, core company values define what is truly important to you as an organization. They create a company’s identity and represent the core aspects of your business.

What defining and communicating core values will do for your business
In a fast-paced business world, your core values will be a constant factor on which clients and business relations can rely when they do business with you. Also, on a more internal level, core values help your employees understand what is important for your business and gives them an understanding of why things are done in a certain way. By formulating and communicating your company’s core values, you give your employees the opportunity to align their own personal values to your core company values. This sharing of values will be beneficial for your corporate culture and therefore, for your profits. With everyone living by the same values, the decision-making process becomes much clearer, which makes it easier for everyone to generate good results at work.

In order to effectively use your core values, we give you three steps to follow.

  • Include your workforce: Get input from your employees on what is important to them and what they feel is most important to the company. This will generate greater support for decisions based on those values and make it easier for employees to align their personal values with your core company values.
  • Link your core values to your daily actions: By linking daily activities to your core values, you will create consistency in the way you do things around your company. Your company values should therefore guide behavior and actions and form the basis upon which the members of a company make decisions and carry out their work.
  • Communicate with your workforce: Constantly and clearly communicate your core values to get your employees familiar with them. By reminding your workforce of what is important for your company, they will prove to act according to those values.

Zummit allows you to link core values to the daily activities of your workforce and communicate them in a quick and organized way. It gives you a visual representation of your company’s structure and illustrates relations between people, their roles, and how they contribute to your core values.

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